Tuesday, July 3, 2012

First post/Introduction

Hello there!

My name is Kumakani (well, not really). I read a lot of YA books, so I decided to start a book review blog. I also have another blog, which is mostly my random thoughts. If you’re interested in following, here’s the link:

Like I said before, this is mostly going to be my book review blog, although I might occasionally post something random.


I do my reviews in 1-5 star scale, like on Amazon.com. I rarely give a book a half-star review (ie. 1.5 stars or something like that.) Here’s what my ratings mean:

1-STAR: Absolutely terrible. I would not recommend this book to anyone. Why is this book even a book? Don’t read it.

2-STAR: Pretty bad. Not mind-meltingly horrible, but I wouldn’t recommend it. There may have been one or two things that saved it from a 1-star rating.

3-STAR: It was okay. There were some things that worked for me, but other aspects of the book were disappointing. You might like it, but if it doesn’t look interesting, give it a pass.

4-STAR: I enjoyed it. There might have been a few things that stopped me from giving it a 5-star review, but overall, I really liked this book. Recommended.

5-STAR: Amazing! Fantastic! Go read it now! Highly recommended.

I will say, I tend to be very critical in my reviews. Even if a book was well-written and enjoyable and anyone else would give it five stars, I’ll give it four. So, what may be three-stars for me, might be four-stars for another person.

I read a lot of fantasy YA, so most of the books I review will be fantasy. I read some dystopia and occasionally read paranormal. I’m not really big on contemporary/romance YA books, so I rarely, if ever, review those.

Some reviews posted here may have also been posted to my other blog.

I think that pretty much covers it. *nods*

Oh, and if you ever have any book recommendations, shoot ‘em to me in the comments!



  1. Hey Kumakani!

    Isn't it great to start book blogging? Anyway, since I think you'd appreciate having followers to read/comment on your posts, I decided to follow you, but there is no follow this blog button? Perhaps, you can add it in?

    Thanks loads.

  2. Thanks for letting me know! I completely forgot to add one. *goes off to add one*